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Our websites are designed using Microsoft FrontPageUnfortunately, this program is no longer supported by Microsoft, but still functional.  There are many professional looking template designs that can be easily implemented.

Being a user-friendly web design program, utilizing FrontPage has helped us to do the initial set-up and then pass on the maintenance and future development to our customers easily.   If desired, we also offer on-going site management.

We will work with any ISP you choose, but they must incorporate FrontPage Extensions.  Using Softcom as the ISP for your website offers an economical way to have a presence on the internet.    Softcom offers FrontPage extensions for free.   Current monthly charge for website hosting is $10.95/month.  Service is via e-mail only....but you can't beat the price and free 25+ e-mail boxes.

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Located in the Chicago Suburbs
Phone: (847) 272-6178
Fax:     (847) 715-9423

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