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Hapner Digital Assistance (part of Linda B's) offers assistance with digital music and photos.

Digital Photos/Frames - Digital frames have become very affordable and make great gifts.  Maybe you have received one for a gift, but don't know where to start.  We can scan pictures from your photo albums, add wording to the picture, download digital photos from your camera into the internal memory of the digital frame, and/or download emailed pictures.

Every frame loaded is delivered with a CD copy of all the pictures as a back up.  The CD can be used to email photos to relatives, or set up an internet photo share album.

bullet Load a frame with memories for a loved one in a nursing home.  Helps with memory recall and a great conversation piece.
bullet Special Anniversary?  Load a frame with your loved ones lives together.

Digital Music - Do you have an iPod or MP3 player still in the box?  Would you like to own a personal music device loaded with your favorite music?  From shopping to loading, we can help.  Music can be transferred from the following formats. 

NOTE:  Quality of recording is dependent on the source.

bullet Vinyl albums (LPs)
bullet CDs
bullet Cassettes
bullet Purchased songs from itunes store

We can do the work for you, or show you how to maintain your MP3 player or digital frame.

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