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Linda B's is owned and operated by Linda (Blessing) Hapner and Richard Hapner.

Linda B's has been developing and maintaining customized database programs since 1977 - more recently, due to demand we've digital assistance to our offerings.  Click here for more information.

We work exclusively with Filepro16+ database "with the power to develop the future."  We have worked with this database for over 20 years, and have seen it grow from a simple database offered with Tandy Computers to the extremely powerful database tool that it is today.  

Linda B's has a number of integrated business systems on both unix systems and pc's utilizing Filepro 16+.  Customized systems include circulation management (trade magazine specialty), advertising promotion, reader-service generation, quotation management, jewelry inventory management, and many more.

Our websites are designed using Microsoft FrontPage.  Being a user-friendly web design program, utilizing FrontPage has helped us to do the initial set-up and then pass on the maintenance and future development to our customers easily.   If desired, we also offer on-going site management.

Linda is happy to help Chicago area customers with their home or business computer purchases, set-up and training.  Being readily available by phone for questions or problems is a service customers enjoy.  With over 40 systems installed over the years (both unix and pc), we've not had an unhappy customer yet!

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Located in the Chicago Suburbs
Phone: (847) 272-6178
Fax:     (847) 715-9423

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