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Las Vegas Homes - If you would like some help finding your Dream Home let me know.  There are several properties that have come on the market that are not yet listed.  Please fill out my Dream Home Finder Form so I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Being a home expert in the community I can also give you a realistic home evaluation.  Many other agents may evaluate your home at an unrealistic price that will never sell.  Let me tell you how much it is really worth. 

Liam "Lamsey" McBrien's Website - Some very useful and interesting items.  This young man from Scotland has a very helpful Email Address Encrypter for web designers.  

Is it really a Virus Warning or another HOAX? - This useful page from IBM gives you the details about the latest hoaxes.

Truth or Fiction - another hoax checker.

Wink Computer Service - Service in a Wink of the Eye.

Jennifer Oatfield - writer.  Training, Documentation, and other projects.

Who Is IP - IP address lookup.  Helpful to check on those who are trying to break into your firewall.  You can then send an abuse email to their provider.

Fp Technologies, Inc. - "The power to develop the future" - Filepro.

Continental  Computers - looking for a new system? 

Virtual Software Systems - Nancy Palmquist's site - filepro tips, re-seller, and more!

Ken Brody's Web Page - Filepro and more!

Hudson Valley Computer Associates - Filepro Programming & more.

PhotoBuff Site - Howard Wolowitz's page - includes filepro information and pictorial "Get to know a few of the people that helped make Profile / filePro famous."

STN, Inc. - Filepro training, support, and more.

Feed The Hungry - no gimmicks - you can go to this site daily - click a button and donate 2 cups of food for the hungry.   Site has sponsors that hope you will click on their ads and buy something, but no obligation.  A worthy click!

PRF-Graphics - need a brochure made - printing done?  I give my personal recommendation to Park Ridge Business Forms.  Worked with them for years - they do good work. 

FrontPage - Their monthly bulletin is full of useful information.

GIF Wizard - compress your graphics for the web to load quicker.

PixelMill - Additional FrontPage Themes can be purchased on-line.

ThemePak - Additional FrontPage Themes can be purchased on-line.

Spam Recycle Service - we all hate "spam" - junk e-mails.  Do something about it!  Forward your spam to the appropriate authorities!

On-line Document Storage - transfer file to your friends and co-workers.

SoftCom - Web Hosting Services - including domain name search and reservation.

The Promoter - Haven't used their services, but they say they will register with 450 search engines for FREE. 

Network Solutions - check your desired domain address to see if it is available and secure it.  Easier to do within the hosting services, but you can go here to directly check availability.

Google - no popup ad windows like Yahoo and Hotbot -- in my book they are now the No. 1 Search Engine.

Yahoo - the most popular of search engines.  Under the search area, there are other options, like Maps and People that allow you to search for missing persons and print out directions to a certain destination.  You have to deal with their incessant popup ads.

HotBot - Used to be my favorite until they started to use popup ads.

For the decorator in you - shop from home - wallpaper samples and more:


Decorate Today

Wallpaper Store

Discount Wallcoverings

Lelands Wallpaper

For my senior customers:

Seniors Government Information


Age of Reason

The Mining Company Guide to Senior Health

Longevity 101

Cycles Page - no, not bicycles.  For Women only -- keep track online for FREE.  

Lighthouse Depot - Those of us that like Lighthouses, this is your source for great products!

Lighthouse Digest - a great monthly magazine all about lighthouses.

USA Lights - links to usa lighthouses and associations. - Send the dancing baby greeting card and others for free!  A fun site.

BlueMountain - on-line greeting cards to send for free!

Hallmark Cards - on-line greeting cards to send for free!  Reminder service.

American Greetings - on-line greeting cards to send.

Road Trips - For anyone who appreciates getting off the interstate highways and hitting the back roads.  11 classic American drives are listed on this site.

For any campers:

Woodalls - on-line campground guide.

CampNetAmerica - campground listing and useful links.

RV rentals - How to rent an RV and other useful information.

RV - campgrounds and places to rent.

National Parks



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