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Howwillwepayforthewar.jpg (34683 bytes)
How we will pay for the War
pic14090.jpg (93895 bytes)
Make Love,
 Not War
HOOTERS...2003.jpg (105811 bytes)
Hooters 2003 Calendar
babywithmarker.jpg (53975 bytes)
I gave baby a make over!
Howtostopcomputerviruses.jpg (8465 bytes)
How to stop Computer Viruses
ATT138322_1.jpg (14446 bytes) ATT138323.jpg (22048 bytes) ATT138326.jpg (20899 bytes)
ATT138319_3.jpg (23052 bytes) ATT138320.jpg (19294 bytes) ATT138321_1.jpg (30807 bytes)
futuresuv.jpg (57024 bytes) deaf.jpg (30032 bytes)
Porn for the deaf
kb.jpg (35934 bytes)
New key for your computer
newspaper ad.jpg (28598 bytes) 
Tough Choice
Women.jpg (44619 bytes)
How Women see themselves
Men.jpg (55856 bytes)
How Men see themselves
wow.jpg (28528 bytes)
Great name for a business!
tombstone.jpg (32270 bytes) tattoo.jpg (14169 bytes)
Bad Belly Tatoo
SandArt!11.jpg (30824 bytes)
Sand Art - or How to pick up chicks at the beach
ebay.jpg (35174 bytes)
Advice for EBAY people
Customer Service Relief - PrepH.jpg (69186 bytes)

Relief is just a shot away

air.jpg (26886 bytes) Snow_People.jpg (44306 bytes) bed hog.jpg (31669 bytes)
Bed Hog
bitch.jpg (88364 bytes)
Proof that marriage exists even in the animal kingdom!
WTC1.jpg (52292 bytes)
WTC Memorial click to see larger
ATT244420.jpg (69507 bytes)
Why some dogs hate their owners!

Why Men Should Not Babysit:

Why men shouldn't babysit2.jpg (33317 bytes) A000002.jpg (26051 bytes) A000003.jpg (21750 bytes) A000004.jpg (32113 bytes)
macho5.jpg (32981 bytes) macho1.jpg (28335 bytes) macho3.jpg (34998 bytes) macho4.jpg (33880 bytes)

Afganistone.jpg (47913 bytes)

Turbanator.jpg (242831 bytes)

talibanshower.jpg (33830 bytes)

TalibanDatingService.gif (98261 bytes)

F16Ochase.jpg (68810 bytes)
F16 chases 
Bin Laden

binshave.jpg (48525 bytes)
Bin Laden Shaved

binladen711.jpg (23246 bytes)
Bin Laden at 7-11

First Afghan missile.jpg (73256 bytes)
First Afghan Missile 

hiding place.jpg (183492 bytes)
Bin Laden Found!!

a-bathroom-talk.jpg (14446 bytes)
stupidterrorist.jpg (104078 bytes)
Stupid Terrorists
wtc.jpg (42861 bytes)
missingWTC.jpg (26475 bytes)
WTC Hoax
Science_Fair_Winner.jpg (39536 bytes)
Science Fair Winner
horseshoes.jpg (134848 bytes)
Rednecks Playing Horseshoes
rednecks.jpg (10093 bytes)
Redneck Swimming Pool
Wanttojointhenavy.jpg (73893 bytes)
Want to Join the Navy?
attitude.jpg (93476 bytes)
Bad Attitude
xratedmovie.jpg (13578 bytes)
X-rated Movie
How to Impress a Woman at the Gym.jpg (30447 bytes)
How to Impress Women at the Gym
evolution.jpg (16958 bytes)
Have you ever been this tired?
A000005.jpg (69014 bytes) snowblower.jpg (20303 bytes) UN03.jpg (111241 bytes)
witch.jpg (47881 bytes)
Halloween Witch
pumpkin.jpg (70940 bytes) HALLOPIC.jpg (128280 bytes)
Trick or Treat
password.jpg (29615 bytes)
The Password
firestone.jpg (38417 bytes)
If Firestone made Condoms
conduit.jpg (29693 bytes) Monica.jpg (22748 bytes) CuriousGeorge.jpg (41341 bytes)
Curious George
lodgingsign.jpg (11976 bytes) roadkill.jpg (49157 bytes)
sorryflowers.jpg (13422 bytes) HowDoTheyAnswerTheirPhone.jpg (62833 bytes)
How do they answer their phone?
tight_place.jpg (17894 bytes) kfceatout.jpg (7847 bytes) jiffy_lube.jpg (12700 bytes) net_porn.jpg (18419 bytes)
robsno~1.jpg (29824 bytes) squirrel.jpg (25950 bytes) turkeys.jpg (103851 bytes) viagra.jpg (40997 bytes)
wedding.jpg (120958 bytes)
Wedding Pic
Chipendale Dancers.jpg (49797 bytes)
Chippendale Dancers?
office.jpg (39049 bytes) niketoofar.jpg (34313 bytes)
Nike Gone Too Far
The Typical Man

Why Stick People are extinct

A little line to say Hi

What a Messy Desk
 menatwork.jpg (33525 bytes) rushmore.jpg (48417 bytes)  WhatRealWomanDowithDuctTape.jpg (7653 bytes)
What real women do with duct tape

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