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Here is a collection of fun stuff:            dance5.gif (6483 bytes)

Jokes I've Collected - updated as new jokes collected.

Funny Pictures - E-mailed visual jokes -- some making the rounds more than once!  Long load time, but worth the wait.


Las Vegas Homes - If you would like some help finding your Dream Home let me know.  There are several properties that have come on the market that are not yet listed.  Please fill out my Dream Home Finder Form so I can get a better understanding of what you are looking for.

Being a home expert in the community I can also give you a realistic home evaluation.  Many other agents may evaluate your home at an unrealistic price that will never sell.  Let me tell you how much it is really worth. 

10 in 1 Multi-Formula Vitamin -- With the Superior Advantage of Super Age-Delaying Antioxidants; Immune Enhancers; Digestants; Whole Body System Support & A Whole Lot More!

Want to stop all the catalogs and save the environment?  Here is your one stop place to do both  It is quick, painless and you will feel better about helping make the world a little greener.

This site was a hoot - but now they have ads everywhere --  pictures posted almost daily.

A favorite site Dead or Alive?  Quick, Buddy Ebsen, dead or alive?  Be sure to take their quiz.

Fireworks - a fun page -- click in the black box for a fireworks display. - Did you know that #11982 in Freecell is not possible to win?

Guess the Sitcom Character or Dictator - an amazing site - guessed every one I threw at it.

Magic Trick - See how quickly you figure out the "magic".

VIDEO CLIPS (worth the download time):

Scarrrrry! -- this one will have you rolling on the ground with laughter.

Sand Fantasy -- soooooo cool - makes you want to get a lighted sand box.

Deer on Hood -- for the hunters

Attack Rabbit  -- Amazing!

CopperClappers -- A favorite Johnny Carson/Jack Web clip

Fishing Video -- Close call!

Priceless Commercial - - hilarious!

The Piano Man -- an amazing talent

Piano w/Balls - another amazing talent!

Iraqi Diving Championships

Cubicle Hurdles -- what goes on in your office at night.

Rowing Down the Corridor -- harmless office fun

Hallway Races -- harmful office fun

IKEA commercial -- time to leave home?

Shalom !! -- The funniest of them all

The Car Washer -- hard way to make a living.

The Cubicle Wars

Have a Great Day! 


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