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About Us
Digital Assistance
Data Services
Fun Stuff

icon1.gif (627 bytes) Music & Picture Digital Assistance
iPod Loading - Digital Frame Loading/Photo Scanning

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Customized business systems
Databases designed for the way you work
icon1.gif (627 bytes) Data compilation and reporting
Mailing and compiling services - custom reporting
icon1.gif (627 bytes) Training
One-on-one in your home or business
icon1.gif (627 bytes) Consulting Services
Not sure what you need or where to start?
icon1.gif (627 bytes) Website design and maintenance
We can get you started or do the entire project & maintain
icon1.gif (627 bytes) Installation
New system installation, set-up, testing

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How to contact us

Located in the Chicago Suburbs
Phone: (847) 272-6178
Fax:     (847) 715-9423

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